I am a painter, photographer and world traveller from Fukuoka, Japan. Currently I live and work in Helsinki, Finland.

I began to be interested in art since I moved to Seattle, the U.S. and met various artists in 1995. I began studying painting and photography in San Diego, California. Since then, I have pursued art as the direction of my life.

The fact that I was so attracted to painting was because of the colours. I was so amazed of the colour of sea and sunset and flowers and mountains and especially the sky since I was small. I loved the sky and floating clouds so much that I painted them many during summer holidays. When I found out that painting can express those colours I was already captivated.

After five years of creating the form of my expression in art in the U.S, I came to Europe, a completely unknown continent to me. The first step was to Torino and later to Rome, Italy. There I spent three years working with the Italian masters who have the sense of modern classical art which helped me further define my own style.

In the summer of 2003 I moved to Barcelona, Spain where I shaped my surrealistic way of expression and learned numerous of priceless lessons both in artistic sense as well as in real life. The experience from Mediterranean life brought me a new sense to my art and also pointed out to me clearly the meaning of our life. Living far from my home, what is home anyway? Home is where my heart rests, isnĀ“t it? I realize all the places I used to call home are all connected with sky and sea. Yes, the sky! So we are not separated. We are just walking on the different path. One step forward will make a new way and experience will follow. I use painting to tell my experience and I believe that it is my way of leaving my life mark and to pass down my learnings to the next generation. At a rough time in my voyage painting becomes my meditation. The inspiration for my work is from travelling the world and exploring the inner self. I always tend to express on my canvas the information and experience that I got from my days.

In January 2007 I came to Helsinki, Finland; followed my great interest of seeking farther experience and getting inspired from Northern part of Europe. My recent work has been influenced by my current living environment, nature, sky, especially birch trees. Sea and forest holds the quietness however, actually creates many sounds in me. I feel I can grow not only rapidly like a birch tree in the Finnish summer, but also slowly like a forest. The simplicity of Finnish culture is comfort with me and I find to be at home here as I would in Japan with the similarities in the cultures.

My unique and humorous surrealistic paintings present the theme of love, pleasure, wonder, laughter and hope. The natural elements such as sky, sea, stone and tree are the key items of my paintings. In my opinion art should inspire people and if my work inspires others to create a wow effect I proudly call it art. My motivation to create paintings is to see people viewing my work with a big smile on their face. I have a meaning in my work, but I want to leave space for each viewer to create their own perception and keep it a mystery. Here I want to continue to develop art though the living experience, to travel across the continents, leaving a path of paintings and lasting impressions.