✭Hotstar✭ Into the Wild Movie Online

Vince Vaughn

Writed by Jon Krakauer

Country USA

year 2007

Runtime 148Minutes

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The story does not need a summary beyond its title and tag line. Casting and performances are superb and moving. Another precious standout is the director here – rarely has a non-chronological storytelling felt more natural and flowing than here. Often, when directors resort to playing Chronos, the end result is a disjunctive narrative. Not in this case. The going back and forth between the final destination and the journey that led to it lets the story unfold without making it feel tired or restrictive. One could argue we do the same, when in the final destination of the present, constantly go back to revise different points of our past. The movie is presented in a similar organic super apple way.

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It is one of the best movies i’ve seen that portrays the contrast between a materialistic world vs the natural world that is at the core of the universe. This is a film that can easily be overlooked but not forgotten.
A movie like Into the Wild is also demanding on the crew. After all, the storyline covers about half the country, which of course means lots of transportation is needed, and lots of landscape imagery. The camera is all over the place, referring of course to locations (not movement.
Awesome direction, character justified by the lead actor Emile Hirsch and it tells us everything about life in just a couple hours.
A must watch and it will surely become one of your favorite movies.
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